The CSO Cape Town has been accepted as a member of the UK Fund for Charities’ International Programme and is being supported and partnered by the UK Fund for Charities, an organisation that has worked with over 100 charitable causes around the world since 2003.

UK donors can now make a donation to the CSO Cape Town via this organisation, and importantly, the UK Fund for Charities can claim GIFT AID on your donation (provided you instruct them to do so), which is also passed on to the CSO Cape Town. This results in any donations made by UK taxpayers having an extra benefit to the CSO.  In addition, higher rate taxpayers can also obtain a further tax benefit in their own tax return.

For Donations to the CSO Cape Town via the UK Fund for charities (UKFC), please see their website, , which explains the ways you can donate.


Donations can be made online  via their Golden Giving donations website platform, and regular monthly donations can also be set up on the giving platform,

Please select CSO CAPE TOWN from their list of International Program members.


ACCOUNT NAME: UK Fund for Charities
SORT CODE: 20-23-97
ACCOUNT NO: 23729745
IBAN: GB23 BUKB 202397 23729745

For donations made via a bank transfer or cheque, a ‘donation form’ will be required to be completed. Please and she will send you the UKFC Donation Form.

Fill out your details, donation amount – including your chosen method of payment – and return it to or post to The UK Fund For Charities c/o CSO CAPE TOWN PO Box 288, Crowborough, TN6 9EX, United Kingdom. Please also send a copy to for our records and follow up. PLEASE ENSURE IT IS CLEARLY MARKED FOR THE CSO CAPE TOWN.

Gift Aid is a great way of increasing the value of your donation at no extra cost to you.
Gift Aid does not cost the donor anything but, at current tax rates, it increases the value of the donation by 25% in reclaimed Gift Aid tax. The UK Fund for Charities administers a Gift Aid reclaim service so that once a donor has made a donation, provided their name and address details and “ticked  the Gift Aid box” the UKFC is able to make the claim to HMRC. The extra support is taken from the tax you have paid the UK Government in the last four years.  Once the reclaimed tax has been received by the UKFC, it is added to the original gift. This means that if you donate £100, with Gift Aid it will be worth £125 to the CSO Cape Town.

Should you require more information, please contact:

For general enquiries please call 087 820 4949