The CSO provides three primary security services:

    The CSO undertakes regular reviews of installation security and recommending improvements; security plans for communal functions; and community security emergency procedures in the event of a major catastrophe.
    The CSO provides a security presence at Shuls, Jewish schools, communal & religious events and community youth camps.
    The CSO staff and volunteers are trained and experienced in responding to and dealing with an incident at a shul, school or community event. The 24-hour CSO control centre provides the key contact point for community members to contact. The CSO ensures that all available members and if required, all key emergency services are contacted to deal with an incident.

In addition, CSO:

  • Trains schools parents to protect our children at Jewish Schools
  • Trains commercial security guards at Jewish schools and other facilities
  • Provides security advice for Jewish Community organisations
  • Liaises with State and Private Emergency services to ensure our community gets the best possible protection