Every moment that passes in a medical emergency could be the difference between life and death. The CSO Medical Team is a well-established locally renowned emergency service provider supported by and relying on community donations.

Three full- time medics and twenty trained volunteer medics are drawn from dedicated community members. The medical responders are dispatched to the scene as quickly as possible to evaluate and stabilise the patient. An ambulance is activated for every call. If critical, the patient will be handed over to a private or government ambulance service to be transported hospital.

CSO Medical volunteers are a community investment. The team spend many hours away from work and their families ensuring that when called, they are available at any time day or night providing this essential no-charge emergency service.

CSO Medical resources are stretched to the limit when responding to multiple calls and occasionally calls that are not a medical emergency. Such non-essential calls add pressure on the precious time and resources of CSO Medical.

Every call the CSO receives is treated as a potential life threatening emergency. Please consider this before you call. CSO Medical volunteers are passionate about saving lives, protecting the Jewish community against harm and providing a supreme level of care whenever needed. We ask the community – please do not take advantage of this service for non-emergencies.